Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Engine Three Seven @ Victoria Star (boat!), 02/01/12

So, Simon Wright, brother of Engine Three Seven's Jed, had a birthday. How did he decide to celebrate? By getting Engine Three Seven and a few other bands (including his own) to play a gig. On a boat. Though this isn't exactly a new concept, it was the first boat gig I've been to and holy shit, this sort of thing should happen so much more often. The fact that Engine Three Seven have become one of my favourite bands since moving to Melbourne meant that this gig was always going to be amazing, and it was. The boat ROCKED. So much fun was had; what a way to kick off the year. Beers, beautiful weather, a BOAT and Engine Three Seven rocking out like always.

The recording itself isn't that great. I suppose that's not surprising, given that boats are not exactly designed for loud rock bands to play in them. The space was pretty enclosed and you know, lots of people, lots of booze, lots of singing. But I'm uploading it anyway, pretty much entirely unedited. It was so much fun, and I think that's been captured quite well.

Lady Luck (I didn't record this with my iRiver, but I extracted the audio from this video that a friend of mine shot. Acoustic songs turn out alright with iPhones. Listen closely for the ahh, extra verse.)
The Town
Have it All
(The Prodigy cover)
Easy Graceful Descent
Happy Birthday to Simon
Hysterical Hysteria


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