Sunday, January 22, 2012

Mono @ The Forum (2011-10-07)

So this one was pretty fantastic. Mono playing Holy Ground with a 23 piece orchestra was something I thought I wouldn't get a chance to see but Melbourne Festival made it happen. Really thankful for that. The performance is exactly how you'd expect if you've heard the album but seeing it live is something else. Much more powerful.
On a sour note. This pretty much marked the end of my battery box. Had to scrap the right channel because it was so staticy. I hope someone else comes forward with a recording of this Also, Melbourne festival should get rid of glass bottles. There's so many of them getting thrown in bins in this recording. Really takes away from it.

This was recorded from the front row behind the first row of booths. I was about halfway between the centre of the room and the passageway up the side. It's pretty much my 'go to' spot in the venue and produces quite nice results.

Mono @ The Forum (2011-10-07)

1. Ashes In The Snow
2. Burial At Sea
3. Silent Flight, Sleeping Dawn
4. Are You There?
5. 2 Candles, 1 Wish
6. Where Am I
7. Pure As Snow (Trails of The Winter Storm)
8. Follow The Map
9. Halcyon (Beautiful Days)
10. Everlasting Light

Length: 1:24:15

Sound Quality: B

Download Here


  1. Oh no! Were you affected by the Megaupload shut down as well?