Monday, February 20, 2012

Cass McCombs @ The Corner Hotel (17-02-2012)

Supported by The Orbweavers and Wintercoats.

Having been introduced to Cass McCombs music with his 2003 album "A", this tour was a long time coming. I didn't have high expectations for this gig, I had heard years ago that Cass had been known to perform entire shows with his back to the audience, and live clips on youtube were just average to good. The gig wasn't amazing but it was better than I expected, his band were really great and they played a nice selection of songs from across his discography. Despite his vocals not coming across quite as strong live as on record, I went home more than satisfied for a gig I had been waiting the best part of a decade for. Recording turned out well.

1. Love Thine Enemy
2. Equinox
3. Angel Blood
4. Buried Alive
5. Robin Egg Blue
6. Dreams-Come-True-Girl
7. Harmonia
8. Joe Murder
9. That's That
10. My Sister My Spouse
11. County Line

Length: 1:24:18

Download MP3 (115MB)

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