Sunday, February 5, 2012

Feist @ Palais Theatre (01-02-2012)

Epic performance by Feist at the Palais Theatre, playing songs mostly from her 2011 album "Metals", but also a few select tracks from previous releases, albeit with very different arrangements to the originals. Her most well known song "1234" was notably absent from the set, but I think you'd be hard pressed to find anyone who went home disappointed. As good as the show was, it still didn't quite match seeing her play alone on her first tour in 2005 with about 100 other people in a small jazz club, one of my favourite gigs I've ever been to.
Still, it was very impressive, and the recording came out well. Although one thing I noticed listening back to the recording is a distinct lack of bass, not from a bad recording, but because there was no bass on stage. It didn't even occur to me on the night, probably because of the sheer volume (it was quite a loud gig for the style of music) but listening back, a lot of the songs could have really used some bass.

1. The Undiscovered First
2. How Come You Never Go There
3. A Commotion
4. Graveyard
5. Mushaboom
6. The Circle Married The Line
7. So Sorry
8. Anti-Pioneer
9. My Moon My Man
10. I Feel It All
11. The Bad In Each Other
12. Honey Honey
13. Comfort Me
14. Caught A Long Wind
15. Get It Wrong, Get It Right
17. When I Was a Young Girl
18. Cicadas and Gulls
19. Sealion
20. Let It Die
21. Intuition

Length: 01:51:05

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  1. any idea where I could get a video of the concert?

  2. Feist cover by Autumn Stones: