Thursday, February 16, 2012

sleepmakeswaves @ The Espy (2012-02-10)

This show is the perfect example of why I started this blog. To promote and expose bands I enjoy so that people will go see them and support them. A few weeks ago I hadn't heard sleepmakeswaves but I downloaded Neeso's recording because he raved about it so much. Wow, this band is fantastic. After listening to his recording a few times I then got their album and listened to that non-stop for about a week. Long story short: I found a new favourite band because of this blog. But, enough of that...

sleepmakeswaves are a band I should have gotten into a long time ago but for some reason I always thought they'd be 'just another prog-rock' band. Turns out I was wrong. These guys play some of the best post-rock this country has to offer. This set is made up mostly of material from their debut LP '.​.​.​and so we destroyed everything' as well as a couple of well appreciated older tracks. And, from what I gather they switch things up each tour so I expect this will not be the last time I catch these guys. Already looking forward to next time!

I recorded this one in the same manner as the Solkyri set but closer to the left speaker stack. The weird glitchyness is more noticeable (and more frequent) in this one but again I edited it all out for enjoyment sake.

sleepmakeswaves @ The Espy (2012-02-10)

1. to you they are birds, to me they are voices in the forest
2. in limbs and joints
3. one day you will teach me to let go of my fears
4. we sing the body electric
5. (hello) cloud mountain
6. keep your splendid silent sun
7. now we rise and we are everywhere
8. our time is short but your watch is slow
9. a gaze blank and pitiless as the sun

Length: 58:01

Sound Quality: A

Download Here

Download Key: 6V-Op9_ZmmuosL5T74rkrci8xvjr1A8USgXRev9mvdA


  1. Awesome, thank you for uploading this! It was an awesome gig. SMW absolutely killed, and Solkyri were better than I expected them to be.

    Did you record either of the other bands by any chance?

  2. I have a soundboard recording of Gatherer's set but that's it. I was feeling pretty lousy on the night so I actually went home between Solkyri and sleepmakeswaves and left my recorder plugged in for Gatherer and Quiet Child but it got unplugged for Quiet Child. Bummed about that because I caught the last few minutes of them and they were great!

  3. Pedantic I know, but sleepmakeswaves song titles don't use capital letters :)