Monday, April 2, 2012

Dick Diver - 24-02-2012 @ The East Brunswick Club

with Geoffrey O'Connor, Jonny Telafone and Velcro

I regret not recording Jonny Telafone and Velcro, they were both great. I left before Geoffrey so Dick Diver is all I got.
I don't usually complain about crowds but this was one of the worst ever, get the feeling there were a lot of blow-ins there to say goodbye to the East Brunswick Club which is fair enough I guess, sad to see it go, but so many obnoxious people even right up the front. Some loud talking during the first min of my recording, then I moved away from the worst offenders so the rest is better.
Anyway, Dick Diver were excellent as usual. Played two new songs "98'" and "Alice", and mentioned a new record! Both the new songs were great, Hammock Days and Flying Tea Towel Blues were also highlights of the gig for me.
This is probably the only time I'll put up a Dick Diver recording as that's Chris' turf, haha. I think he was in Sydney for this gig. This one's for you Chris!

1. Head Back
2. Through The D
3. Seagulls
4. '98
5. Hammock Days
6. Alice
7. Newstart Again
8. Keno
9. Flying Tea Towel Blues

Length: 40:02

MP3 (V0)

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