Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Scott & Charlene's Wedding @ The Tote, Melbourne, 06-04-2012

Supported by Peak Twins and The School of Radiant Living

Peak Twins
First time I got to see these guys from Adelaide, hope they come back soon cause they were excellent.

1. Gentleman Of Fortune
2. Waiting Room
3. Sylvia's
4. Your Love
5. Rainin'
6. Only Sun

Length: 21:34
Download MP3

Scott & Charlene's Wedding
The best S&CW set I've seen. Recording came out great too. "Where Did My Records Go" as Craig mentions, was written the day before the gig, so I made up the title... subject to change.

1. Where Did My Records Go
2. Rejected
3. My World
4. Gammy Leg
5. Wiseman At The Station
6. Two Weeks
7. Hazy Morning
8. Footscray Station
9. Epping Line
10. Every Detail

Length: 45:00
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