Monday, April 16, 2012

My Disco, 14/04/2012 @ the Toff in Town

Wow. So it's been almost a year since My Disco played in this exact same spot, and in that year it's fair to say they haven't done a lot. But one thing they did do was create their first ever music video, for the song Turn; apparently the video was actually shot at the Toff. The video itself is a pretty simple concept - a ballerina dances, Robin Fox provides lasers. Easy. There was a little bit of a hint earlier on that this gig was going to pay tribute to that clip, when during the band's set-up time, a laser beam escaped through the gap in the curtain and lit up the room briefly. However, I don't think anyone expected them to take it to the extreme that they did - as the curtain pulled back, they blasted the room with the smoke machine and continued doing so the whole gig, the laser fired up, and yeah, for the entire gig the room was covered in fog, the laser was on and there was some pretty cool synched up lighting going on as well. Basically, what this meant was that for the full duration of the gig, you could barely even see the band unless you were right up the front - which I wasn't. The whole atmosphere they created was really cool, but in retrospect I would have liked to actually watch the awesome musicians onstage, especially Rohan Rebeiro. Fuck that guy can play drums, the drum solo outro to Young was ridiculous. Other than the whole invisible band thing, it was a fucking awesome gig. Wasn't expecting them to play the two (or three, not sure whether that first one's a newie?) older songs either. Liam also talked a lot more than usual (well, he said "thank you" at times other than the end of the set haha), which I think is good. Recording turned out pretty good too, apart from a bit of chatter here and there. As I guess I can understand, people tend to get a bit restless at My Disco gigs. I removed one particularly obnoxious comment one guy in front of me made to his friend during Young, but funnily enough you can't really tell there's a few seconds of the song missing when I listened back to it. Also, there was a bit of PA crackle during some songs (most noticeable during With Age); just thought I'd mention that was not my microphones' fault. Anyway. Download. Enjoy.

(Unknown) (they played this one at the gig last year too; I'm not sure if it's new or not as I still don't have Cancer and up until last night, I didn't have Paradise either. Any help here would be much appreciated.)
Young/Drum Solo
A Turreted Berg
You Came to Me Like a Cancer Lain Dormant Until it Blossomed Like a Rose
With Age
Perfect Protection


By the way, the support band was No Zu, and I have to say they were pretty interesting. However, my iRiver was running a bit low on battery so I thought I'd better save it for the main event; hence, no recording of No Zu.

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